Black Mamba Kush

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Buy black mamba kush online. Arrowhead-shaped barleycorn green sepals dappled throughout with eggplant purple, in closed, tightncalyxes, with ochre pistils, and above-average coverage with short, thick-stalked trichomes with average heads. This sample had a typical (in the best way) Purple aroma. It has a perfume-like smell that reminded us of fancy soaps, with just a hint of fruity sweetness. The aroma was very enjoyable, but required some coaxing to really come out, and was never all that pungent. The flavor was more sweet and fruity than the aroma was, with a definite grape element. It wasn’t very pungent beyond the first hit or two, but the smoke was smooth and not harsh on the throat. There was moderate expansion though, and multiple reviewers reported some coughing at the end of the review portion as the smoke became very thick. This strain came on quickly, after 2 or 3 hits it sent a wave of pressure into the eyes and head, and a buzzing sensation in the feet and shoulders.

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Buy black mamba kush online, buy real weed online, buy cheap weed online, buy marijuana online USA, buy marijuana Canada, best weed mail service online, the best place to buy weed online, best weed store dispensary online. The calming sensation came over our staff, putting the mind at ease, but making us a little slow-witted. It was more suited to stationary activities like watching a movie or (if you can keep your eyes open) reading a book, and we didn’t feel the desire to leave the house at all. The effect got somewhat tiring as it progressed, with strong muscle relaxation and heavy eyelids making it easy to go curl up for a nap. It was a smooth decline in effect, but multiple reviewers ended up falling asleep before the effects were completely gone. Place Order Now

Medical Benefits Of Black Mamba Kush 

Buy black mamba Kush online. Black Mamba is most commonly used by those who suffer from depression and anxiety, helping them to reach a state of mindfulness and relaxation. This is common among high THC strains, but Black Mamba is especially used for this thanks to its unique blend of Sativa and Indica.

Another common reason for taking Black Mamba is the clear-headed and lucid focus effects that have been found to help people with ADHD, helping them to focus on tasks and making it easier to engage with those around them for more extended periods of time. Black Mamba can be used to help you work through tasks and projects that require a deeper level of focus than you can achieve alone and is perfect for days when you absolutely need to be productive.

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Black Mamba Kush

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6 reviews for Black Mamba Kush

  1. Madiya .JB

    This strain is an utter Godsend for me. I am bipolar and there are times when I feel myself slipping into Mania. Typically I would just have to ride it out and apologize to my wife and friends when the mania ends. Sometimes it lasts a few hours. Sometimes a week. This has ALWAYS been the hardest thing about being bipolar….becoming manic and losing control and seeing the trail of destruction I leave behind me has been devastating. But this strain….it takes me from manic to normal in 5 minutes. The first time I tried it, I was about 3 hours into mania and I was saying a lot of mean things to my wife. I felt like I was having an out of body experience and I couldn’t feel empathy, love….anything. That’s when she told me to go smoke and come back. (Weed is still a new form of medication for me. I HATE chemical drugs and will let that be a last resort….). So I did….when I came back, I felt 100% normal. I was horrified by my actions and was able to see the monster I became. I must have apologized 100 times….I felt so removed from my mania that I could clearly see my actions for how destructive they were. Mania always takes out all emotion and love from me….when I smoked this strain….it’s like everything returned to normal. We ended up talking and crying together for the next hour as we worked out a lot of my problems with ways to prevent this from happening in the future. Look, I have an amazing, loving wife to which I am extremely blessed. But and I have always seen being bipolar as this dark side that is such a burden to the ones I love. This strain changes everything. I thank God for this strain….you have no idea how much stability it has brought back into my life. Just an hour ago, I felt myself feeling manic, so I smoked from my pen and like it has in the past, it cut everything I was feeling and brought me back to normal. It also allows me to work like I normally would. I am still sharp and focused…I’m not wanting to pass out or in a state of couch lock. I was thinking about how there has to be others out there like me who need help and I wanted to share my joy. God Bless you guys…. **I vape this strain from an O-Pen. If you are in LA, go to The Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary in Studio City. They have hands down the biggest Vape selection.

  2. Jacques Schlau

    Intense as hell. My first real time smoking weed, in a city that I was not from, severely depressed (with panic disorder) and during night time I smoked far too much of this straight from the bong, and way too fast. I got the most intense panic attack I had ever hsd, extreme paranoia and hallucinations. Absolute dread and hell for the next 3 or so hours. After that I was high for a few hours more and I was completely relaxed, I had awesomely quick and fantastic thinking and my dreams were a BOMB. It taught me some humility and despite the experience, this stuff is absolutely amazing, just kept me from smoking any weed for almost 2 years LOL.

  3. Phils D’baby

    First time I’ve ever smoked something that doesn’t make me anti-social. The high is great! I get relaxed, yet I am talkative and social. It is great for insomnia because you are relaxed and it relieves my chronic muscles spasms. It is similar to how you feel when you take an Ativan. Best weed I’ve ever tried!

  4. Fabulous Fabrice

    Ive come across two strains called “Black Mamba” or “Kobe Kush”. One had fat, puffy, large, speckled-to-completely dark purple nugs, and the other is smaller, golden-tinged, and has specks of black here and there. The black coloration is totally new to me, and dank. The larger nug was probably a sativa dom. hybrid. This review is of the smaller, “Black Mamba” i KNOW is indica through-and-through. First off–smells delicious and smokes better. Nugs are small, dense, and frosty. Top shelf. The high was very creative for an indica, but otherwise normal for a potent indica. Recommended highly.

  5. FA69

    Fav strain by far! Hits within seconds! Invigorating intense high! Def not for newbies! Black mamba AKA mindfuck

  6. Saphire

    Love this strain, awesome for night time! Smells really nice and has a great colour! Definitely in my top 10

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