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buy marijuana online. Created by the Oregon-based Archive Seeds Bank, which was founded by cultivator ThaDocta, Scooby Snacks is an Indica-leaning cross between Face Off OG and an original GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) Platinum cut from the San Francisco Bay Area. Named after the fictional treats fed to the iconic mystery-solving cartoon dog Scooby-Doo, this strain is said to have a powerfully relaxing effect that will make the “ruh-Rohs” of the day fade away.
4 grams per can
THC 26.38%
CBD 0.17%
Its dense purple buds are full of piney OG Kush flavor and a sweet aftertaste. Also, Don’t underestimate the potency of Scooby Snacks! The combination of popular West Coast genetics brings on stimulating cerebral effects. This weighs heavy on your eyes and slowly relaxes the body. Buy space monkey meds the online USA, buy marijuana online
More so, THC levels top at around 26.38%. Its high will also make you hungry and create a deep state of relaxation. It gets one ready for a great night’s sleep. But some reviewers enjoy this strain to help with both appetite issues and mental stresses. Such as anxiety, depression, or simply the stresses of the day.
More so, Accidentally overdoing your dosage tolerance might sedate you quickly. Scooby Snacks can cause cottonmouth and dry eyes. It takes between nine and ten weeks to flower before ready for reaping.


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2 reviews for SCOOBY SNACKS

  1. Khalif Roual

    Was recommended Scooby snacks for my insomnia and for me it the best. Makes you very relaxed clear headed a focused, makes you want to find some Scooby snacks and a nice bed on the come down 😴

  2. Derrick Flamme

    This strain is excellent and I love it. It’s hard to describe how good this strain can be in the hands of a talented grower. Every time I get it it has been a treat and the only dispensary that I’ve found it at in Billings, MT. is Lighthouse Organics. A beautiful strain full of purples and blues with the green almost obscured by the snowy cap of trichomes, you inhale and it’s a sweetly sophisticated bouquet and that continues when you smoke it. Every hit is a delicious treat like a decadent dessert served in a pine forest. THC wise, this strain has always clocked in within the mid to high 20’s and never failed to put a smile on my face. A very happy relaxed high it’s perfect for early evening or whenever you need to relax. Thanks for my delivery, Bob. I Was so grateful for that

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