Atomik Moon Rocks Diamond 58.77%

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Atomik Moon Rocks Diamond is our connoisseur line.

Atomik Moon Rocks Diamond. It starts with our Private Reserve OG which we Infuse with High Potency WAX utilizing our proprietary process. Then we roll the product in Top Quality Crumble Wax to create dense concentrated buds that resemble something out of a dream. SC Labs tests at 58.74% THC confirms Moon Rocks Diamond is the “Highest Potency Product of its Kind” on the market today. Enjoy a Moon Rocks experience that can not be beat. Take Your High To The Next Level.

How To Smoke Moon Rock

When learning how to smoke moon rocks, rule #1 is never to use a grinder. are moon rocks heavy You must not fall into the trap of treating moon rocks in the same manner as flowers. buy moon rock weed uk If you make the mistake of placing your rocks through a grinder, they will become excessively sticky, and you won’t be able to turn them. how to smoke moon rocks.

Benefits of Cannabis Moon Rocks / moon rocks for sale 

Moon rocks are perfect for people who need fast and effective relief from their medical ailments or issues. buy moon rock weed online Canada People often use  moon mocks to treat things like panic attacks, depression, inflammation, and pain. moon rocks near me.

As Moon Rocks are smoked or vaporized, they enter the bloodstream within minutes via the lungs hence they’re a great option for someone who wants something a bit stronger than traditional flowers. moon rock weed.

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Atomik Moon Rocks

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    Had to try. Was very satisfied. Great taste, surprisingly smooth and hit hard.. thanks very much

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