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Buy Afghani Kush Online. The Afghani strain is a strain with some of the purest Indica genetics around with its total Indica lineage being at 100%. It originated way over in the Middle East and was brought to the U.S. in the 70s, just before the war on cannabis had begun. This pure Indica gem of a strain offers a relaxing and sedating high that is perfect for conditions involving chronic pain and fatigue like fibromyalgia. Afghani weed is, in many ways, from another planet. In fact, it is so valued for its potency that it is the strain most commonly used for producing the outstanding Afghan Black Hash. Notorious for being one of the most resinous varieties of cannabis on Earth. Buy Afghani online is well known for being a landrace strain from the towering mountains of the Middle East, Afghani weed boasts some of the purest Indica genetics know to man. Smelling of sweet flowers that engulf the senses in a wave of floral and earthy pungency, some claim that Afghani’s aroma is more pleasant than the best perfume, with a scent much more natural and grounding. The aroma is coupled with a mind-blowing flavor that subtly impresses its consumers; piney and spicy, the earthy and herbal aftertaste blends with initial hits of a feisty display between the delicateness of flowers and the fire of strong herbs. This is the part that makes Afghani cannabis so suitable for the production of hash, as its resinous blocks feature exceptional THC levels. Buy Afghani Kush Online

Importance Of Afghani Kush

Buy Afghani Kush Online. The importance of the Afghan Skunk strain may offer a number of health benefits for medicinal marijuana consumers. Its initial uplifting buzz has a positive effect on one’s mood, which may provide temporary relief for sufferers of mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Some Afghan Skunk smokers say that it helps to alleviate a variety of painful conditions. Reviewers of this strain say that its relaxing effect on the body helps to ease arthritic, muscular, and lower back pain, to name just a few. As well as relaxing the body, the Afghan Skunk strain can also help to relax the mind. This calming effect on the mind may make Afghan Skunk suitable for sufferers of chronic stress. The soporific effects which characterize the later stages of the Afghan Skunks effects have made this strain a firm favorite among medicinal smokers with insomnia. The most commonly reported side effects associated with the Afghan Skunk strain are cottonmouth and dry eyes. However, its powerful Indica effects can lead to couch-lock if you overindulge. It is important to get to know your limits with this strain, and it is advisable only to consume a small amount, to begin with. Afghan Skunk is a powerful Indica strain that has gained the reputation of being a classic cannabis strain. This perfect fusion of Indica and skunk genetics has produced a strain that is both deeply relaxing and pleasurable. If you are looking for a wake and bake strain, then look elsewhere. However, if you are looking for a strain that will help to relax your body and mind, then Afghan Skunk is an excellent choice. For cannabis cultivators out there, the good news is that an Afghan Skunk plant can withstand adverse conditions. Its durable nature makes it suitable for even novice grower to try their hand at. However, it is important to bear in mind that Afghan Skunk plants have a pungent and musky odor. It is advisable to have a well-functioning ventilation system in place if you are going to be growing it indoors! Buy Afghani Kush Online Order now

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  1. Carlson Malcom

    Exceptionally Strong. Looking for a clean indica that can make you numb, no pain just relaxation. I find that it’s harder and harder these days to find a pure Indica, without some hybridized effects. Just totally hits my body at first I don’t notice it at all. Then all of sudden I noticed I am relaxed, if you want that 60’s vibe of all peace and no war this is a pure representation of that moment frozen in time. Afghan is great for totally numbing your body so you don’t feel any pain you might be having. Here’s My highlights of this strain. The Smell: Pop the top off, High Notes of Earth, Pine Aroma’s, and a Pungent rain like smell like a forest :3, pinching the bud it doesn’t move on the inside it’s heavily citrus undertones. The Bud Structure: Massive long Jalapéno poppers, Some look like a nose or a spaceship :D. Tough Dank Resin on every leaf these heavy dark green like a mud green, fox tail each calyx that swirls in a more compact maze leafy structure. A satisfying snap like walking around in a quiet horror movie scene and someone steps on a cliché tree branch this indicates it’s a nice dank bud :3. The Vape: Seeing the bag slowly rise like a hungry ghost, very thick, all I see is a blue colored bag from the Blue LED Lights from the vape machine lol! The Taste: Earthy, Woody, Not as pungent as a thought, very peppery. It rises slowly into the air, classic vapor trails exit through my nose. The Effect: I am starting to notice the lights are getting a little brighter aka more intense if it had a dimming switch with another level of bright, like an amp that goes to 11 instead of 10. A streaming of lights extend in straight lines, as if a glitch in a game stretches a characters arms to far that extrudedness mimics those lights stretching in long straight patterns on every light. Touching the Keys on my keyboard don’t feel the same, as if I had never touched this keyboard before the buttons feel new to me, or I can feel more of it. The more I intake the harder the effects come to be. I recommend this for ADHD, ADT, Mood disorders, Pain any type of it forget about it. Pms, cramps of any kind and here’s a biggie aka a big one it helps with eating! I also recommend this to an everyday smoker its good for all groups whether you’re a beginner picking what a pure indica or a body relaxer you need I highly recommend Afghan Kush, it is an abundant strain that will hit the spot. For veterans it’s a conversational type of Medicine.

  2. Daniella

    Afghan kush is a very strong high and kind of catches you by surprise if you are not prepared. Being the fact that it is a kush gives it points on the potency chart anyway but other than that this strain is extremely potent rating a 19% to 22% Thc content. This strain gives an extreme body high would be strongly recommended for experts not for novices because those who are not prepared or have never had anything this potent before can get in a panic state and thats no fun

  3. Harisson

    Has stayed my firm favourite since it was introduced to me two years ago. Pain, stress and and depression disappear in minutes, and leaves me with a calm and productive energy. Excellent for working as a writer, as it inspires a lot of creative thought, as well as the motivation to follow through with them. I really can’t think of a single situation I wouldn’t handle better after smoking this. The one downside I have noticed as a migraine sufferer is that when smoked daily for more than a week I begin to suffer ocular migraines more frequently. However, the pain of migraine headaches while smoking it is greatly reduced.

  4. Harisson

    My favorite strain so far. Long, strong head and body stone. Spicy smell, and a great strain right before bed. Smoke is a bit rough, but has a great flavor being sweet and a little spicy. Stone lasts for hours.

  5. Alfred

    Great Stain! Be warned: you will get munchies and become stupidly lazy. Smoked a bowl with a couple of friends,.. ended up going through 4 XL pizzas, content with relaxing on couch and watching stupid random movies and enjoying them. (Kentucky Fried chicken). Its really easy to pass out after smoking this strain. Knocked us all out, woke up hungry as hell. Do not recommend smoking in the morning or afternoon, reserve for night time fun

  6. Edernson Marome

    good for backpain man loved it man


    Afghan kush is a very strong high and kind of catches you by surprise if you are not prepared. Being the fact that it is a kush gives it points on the potency chart anyway but other than that this strain is extremely potent rating a 19% to 22% Thc content. This strain gives an extreme body high would be strongly recommended for experts not for novices because those who are not prepared or have never had anything this potent before can get in a panic state and thats no fun

  8. Nick W

    Afghan Kush is my go-to for my chronic back pain, neuropathic pain in my legs (due to my bad back), fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, PTSD & insomnia. 5/5 stars. I would not recommend this strain for newbies due to its potent effects, but for us experienced cannabis patients, this strain is an absolute godsend!
    But the greatest thanks was for the delivery, Thought I had fallen the hands of the scammers after paying my money, but later got that on time as I was told by Bob

  9. Gailleg

    Bro if I had missed one more day from the delivery date, sure I could be dead by now, it Keeps me calm but awake…until I burn the next stick, then it lights out

  10. Olivia

    I tried vaping this before bedtime and wow – I just felt my body melt into a relaxing calm in minutes! The high is pretty heavy but it’s good for those who need help to sleep. I also woke up feeling well-rested

  11. Karls

    Hello! It’s with great satisfaction I write this review so any other person can see it as well. I won’t keep the joy alone. Am an old smoker and I ordered this strain on the new year feast to get high and I was surprised It arrived 5hours after my ordering time. But the truth is I paid some extra cash for the delivery because I was in need of that strain. Thanks Guys. I got my two best buddies for recommendations

  12. Indilia

    Not bad, not great. Has a herbal/spicy flavour profile I find, which is not listed on Weedstoredispensary. Doesn’t have much of that classic Kush taste or smell. Decent effect, wouldn’t say it is overpowering. A decent indica.

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