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Master Yoda weed is a robust hybrid. Its hardy nature is the result of parents that are also quite famous. OG Kush is widely known as the progenitor of a variety of sturdy and buzzy strains. Master Kush, its other parent, is a bold and flavorful weed. Its nickname, “High Rise”, is an irreverent take on its ability to uplift and elevate its users.

Master Yoda is the brainchild of an unknown cultivator. While their identity remains a mystery, the fruits of their labors are appreciated by many. Those who love this strain speak highly of its ability to soothe frayed nerves and relax anxious sentiments.

This strain averages about 23% in THC content. However, various lab tests place their THC content anywhere from as low as 20% to as high as 28%. Those that may not handle high-THC strains well should use Master Yoda in small amounts each session. 

How To Identify Master Yoda Strain

Although it may be quite a hit to the olfactory senses, it has some softer aspects. Master Yoda has some traces of tangy orange and zesty lemon. Some have noted that this is undercut by a slight peppery spiciness overlaid with a tinge of sweetness.
Users also have noted that it has a smooth, mellow vanilla flavor. This flavor is joined by a sweetness that is tempered by a slight dash of piquancy in the exhale. Some other notes include a bit of darkness and just a hit of skunk. There is a floral presence as well that adds a twist of something fresh and wild. Buy Cannabis, Buy Cannabis near me, Buy Cannabis Online, Buy Kush, Buy Kush near me, Buy Kush Online, Buy Liberty Haze, Buy Liberty Haze Online, Buy Marijuana.
Master Yoda’s buds are bright green and tinged with an array of colors. Bright orange pistils run throughout as well as a bit of red, speck of brown and darker-hued greens. The large colas are dense and covered in sugary trichomes. Buy Now

Medical Benefits Of Master Yoda Strain

Master Yoda weed has been cited in the care of many ongoing and challenging conditions. Users have indicated that it may alleviate stress and induce drowsiness and, as such, support healthy sleeping patterns.

This strain may help to energize appetite. It may also address issues related to depression and anxiety, as well as muscle pain and spasms. It has been used to curb migraines and to aid in the reduction of nerve pain. People living with PTSD have used Master Yoda to quell their symptoms.

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Master Yoda

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  1. Kira Black

    I have ordered for a year and 1/2
    I have ordered for a year and 1/2, every 2 weeks, it has been very good, I have had 1 package that tasted really bad, I have been very happy and have sent 3 friends to you, keep up the great work and keep safe!

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