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The Jamaican cannabis strain comes, as the name implies, from the small island of Jamaica. Despite the permanent association between cannabis and Jamaica, cannabis is still illegal to consume or buy there. This makes it pretty tricky as a tourist to try and enjoy the hallmark Jamaican experience. However, Jamaica did recently begin the process of decriminalizing cannabis, meaning that it is now a little bit easier to get some cannabis on this island nation – especially if you practice Rastafarianism. How To Buy Cannabis Online, How To Buy Kush Online, how to buy Liberty Haze online, How To Buy Marijuana Online, How To Buy Weed Online, Kush, Kush For Sale Online, Kush Home Delivery USA, Kush Online, Kush Shop, Legal Cannabis For Sale Online, However, if you are traveling to Jamaica specifically to try the Jamaican strain, you are going to be out of luck. Place Your Order

How To Identify A Jamaican Strain

The Jamaican cannabis strain brings with it all of the familiar, skunky muskiness that traditional Sativas are famous for. It is pungent and intense, making your eyes feel a bit overwhelmed and watery. Still, it’s extremely pleasant.

In a way, this strain’s aroma is primarily enjoyable because of its nostalgia – it smells like how weed used to be.

The skinniness can be a bit much to take in at once. It tastes a bit as you have accidentally smoked too much even with a small puff. However, the sweetness helps carry it home and make it into an overall pleasant experience no matter what.

However, the buds themselves are very healthy looking, boasting a luscious green hue that is almost reflective in its vibrancy. There are plenty of orange trichomes poking through, which help indicate its potency, as well as giving it a softer color to help catch your eye.

Medical Benefits of the Jamaican Strain

The Jamaican cannabis strain is loaded with THC, so it has the potential for some fantastic medical benefits.

For starters, it can offer great help to those who are struggling with mental health. Jamaican’s profoundly chill and mentally stimulating effects make it very useful in helping suppress feelings of depression or general sadness.

It is also potentially useful as a way to combat anxiety and problematic overthinking. Instead of feeling like you are dwelling on the same negative thoughts and problems, your mind will instead focus on all of the potentials you have within you to accomplish anything and everything put in front of you.

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